Case Study:

“complimentary products aimed at protecting your vehicle and the investment you have made in it”


Loyalty Registrations arranges a list of complimentary products aimed at protecting your vehicle and the investment you have made in it. The customer will only need to enter the voucher code and a few details to register for these complimentary products.


Custom Dealer micro-platforms
Over 30 local and nationwide car dealers are using Loyalty Registration daily through their custom micro-platform, offering products to their customers.


Personalised vouchers
Over 125 dealers campaigns are linked to more than 2800 personalised vouchers. Each customer has the option to select and upgrade over 200 custom product options.


Traffic Increase
Over 10 times more users are using daily the platform, compared with last year traffic.

“Phaeria helped us establish a professional and informative website that helps us provide various products to our customers”
Simon Phipps


Grant Taylor
Director –
“Phaeria helped us rebranding our existing website. Their expertise and passions
helped our customer to have the best user experience on the new platform.”
a specialist membership program that gives you and your family peace of mind that
should something serious happen, just one phone call and you will be on your way.
Enda Rylands
Board Member –
“I would have no hesitation in recommending Phaeria
to my friends, family and clients”
Community Link Foundation assist anyone in Southport and surrounding areas
who need financial support in the form of a variety of ways.