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Marketing Strategy

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We have been collaborating with Ramada Southport for over 4 years. When Bliss Hotels successfully purchased the hotel’s ownership we’ve been involved in assisting with system migrations and rebranding the entire online experience.
Customer Journey was always our primary target as the clients, from the moment they are browsing through the pages of the website till the moment they complete a booking, need to feel that it all happened seamlessly, simple and clear.

We’ve decided to build a Centralised Booking Engine which was customisable to fit the second brand (Southport Waterfront) to interact with Theatre reservations (through Spektrix). This decision helped on saving time and maintenance on both platforms.
The engine had to migrate from RezExchange to the new Guestline Room Reservation system, also to include Resdiary for Restaurant reservations, making it easy for a customer to have all in one at the checkout.
We’ve also assisted with Marketing consistency, including animated email signatures and website logo animation to emphasize the Hotels brand tagline “Bliss is”.