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The main interest was to increase Customer Experience and simplify the process of purchasing the products online. As each product requires to fit the customer’s vehicle requirements, the first step was to allow the customer to get a quote so the website can display only the products that are eligible.

It was also important for the customer to be able to select multiple products. Integrating a basket feature has increased the conversion on each order, but also ease the process of validating the customer’s details.

before & after

Before the update

The legacy website was built on Wordpress CMS, without being optimised for mobile devices. With over 50% of traffic being generated on mobile devices the conversion was affected, including a high bounce rate. On our initial Audit, the site performance was so slow that it couldn’t be calculated. The SEO score needed improvements.

The Customer Experience was lacking, if the user would’ve liked to purchase more than one product, it would’ve needed to go through the payment process twice.

After the update

Our main focus was to improve the Customer Experience. We’ve optimised the site to become mobile-friendly, integrating Quote and Basket features. On top of that, the site performance and SEO scores have been drastically improved.

The initial website was loading in 20.1 seconds, after optimising the site is loading in 5.4 seconds almost 4 times faster! We have increased the SEO score to a maximum. This helped on increasing conversion and lowering the bounce rate.