One of the most basic mistakes is to use new technology without a long-term plan in mind. Our approach is to improve most boring tasks and planing all processes to accelerate business goals.

Use technology to eliminate human error

By automating boring tasks, it will help increase productivity and increase the staff morale. This will help on adopting new systems more efficiently.

One of the tasks we often automate is invoicing and Accounting Departments. By using a CRM or only an Online Accounting platform, staff need to entry data and send invoices to clients manually. This process can be automated and a process that can take a few hours can be done in seconds.

Check our demo of how we integrated Quickbooks with our CRM for automate invoice delivery.

Adopting technology

Without realising, everyone is regularly using technology in everyday tasks and departments:

  1. Accounting – either using Xero, Quickbooks, Sage or other Accounting platforms.
  2. HR & Finance – CRMs, BA platforms, online payment platforms: Stripe, Paypal, Sagepay.
  3. Marketing – Social media platforms, email marketing platforms.
  4. Planning – BA and BI systems
  5. Manufacturing – Stock and Inventory platforms, barcoding and scanning.

As all departments are collaborating within a business, therefore all systems should communicate in between. But each business is unique, so how can the technology facilitate this?

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Legacy software and human transformation

Digital transformation has to be adapted to each individual. As humans adapts and familiarise with a system, the technology can facilitate the collaboration with other humans and systems.
Off-the-shelf or legacy software are not adaptable, so users may find solutions that are time consuming. Automating these tasks or integrating with new systems can increase performance without affecting the business.

We’ve automated and transfer data from various platforms to optimise and automate processes, to save time and licensing costs:

  • Sales CRMs: Salesforce, Zoho, Dynamics 365
  • BI: Power BI, Cassandra
  • Specialised Software: Proclaim, Act, Commusoft, Alpha Anywhere.