Our team has always relied on video conferencing for online meetings, real-time chat platforms, and other online collaboration features (whiteboard, screen sharing, webinars). Platforms like Zoom and Microsoft team have become quite popular offering a free plan that covers most of any business needs.

But when it comes to offering this as a service, branding the conference room and integration within a bespoke infrastructure, the costs for a video conference solution increase. Zoom plans start from £15.99 and adding a recording feature £32/GB/month is almost similar to the leading web conference solutions (Adobe Connect / GoToMeeting).

Cost-effective video conference solution

Web conference solutions come with various features, but not all of these are used and due to the number of participants or recoding restrictions, accounts have to upgrade to a higher tier. It’s been 10 years since we first built a video conference. Since then the infrastructure has improved and now the costs of running a video conference solution.

Building a group webinar room, or peer-to-peer video conference, with screen sharing and cloud recording, can be integrated within 2 months.
The cost can be as low as $0.004 per participant per minute and recording $0.01 per minute.

Basically, a 1-hour conference with 4 participants each week, it will cost $4.8 per month. Cheaper than a Zoom or Microsoft Team tier plan.

To ignite your imagination, we’ve outlined a few use cases for video conferencing that may help with your digital transformation, increase productivity, or customer trust.

Online learning and education solutions

Platforms like Zoom have been and will remain a target for security flaws. Bespoke systems bring an additional level of security and privacy, besides the benefits of customising the solution based on each business needs.
Using video solutions to deliver e-learning will make it feel like you’re there in person. It can integrate group rooms or 1-on-1 private channels for training, with screen sharing, video, and audio features. This can be integrated with chat or Q&A sections, or even a quiz at the end of the event.

Call center

Face to face communication will be paramount to gain trust and confidence. Especially when offering personal details or special data (for example security details, personal information). A video chat can solve this issue, solving customer issues seamlessly, and fostering a personal connection. This will benefit from GDPR compliance, as the information is provided securely without a third-party interaction (as it will happen with Zoom or other platforms).

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Sales presentations

Face to face meetings results in deals being closed faster and frequently. Either offering the ability to share their screen, or even using your mobile device or showcasing your products. From selling cars to bespoke merchandise using a bespoke URL to offer security and confidence will boost the chances to convert the sale.

Customer support

Offering a video call may help diagnose the problem and receive a confirmation remotely. This can save time and increase customer transparency. For any industry, either if it is providing MOT/vehicle servicing or manufacturing services, customer support is an important factor. Providing real-time conversation will help customers put a name and a face to the service they received.