Why is website auditing important?


Any business has now a website and anyone can build a website in a few hours. But how can you measure if the time invested in will increase the business online presence? Website audits are essential to measure the efficiency and visibility of a website.

How to audit your website?


Our guidelines is as non-technical as possible, the fastest way is to use the Google Chrome extension. Check the following video on how to do so.


Free tools like Google Audit, Search Console are providing insights and guidelines, some actions may require professional expertise. There are other tools available too, for an in-depth audit. A website performance is based on a multitude of factors, but all relies on 4 top benefits:

  1. Website Performance Optimisation – evaluates your website from a technical infrastructure, how fast and friendly is your website with search engines. This is one of the hardest and invisible to human eye, but it has a huge impact on your website performance. A website can load in a few seconds, but optimised properly it can load 2-3 times faster and increase the site performance.
  2. Accessibility –  evaluates the page structure, how visible is the content, buttons or other elements (links, images, etc.).
  3. Conversion Rate Optimisation – websites audits enable you to evaluate how effective is your website in terms of traffic, conversions or lead generation. It can identify where users drop-off, which CTA is relevant and how to optimise pages to boost conversions.
  4. Search Engine Optimisation – conducting a keyword analysis and making sure that SEO best practices are followed is the first step in building any website.

Technology is evolving everyday, auditing and optimising sites is an on-going process. Following this guideline and using the Google Audit may provide a snapshot of items to improve.

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