Holidays are always excellent opportunities for marketing and Halloween makes no exception. There are lots of ways to incorporate Halloween marketing campaigns into the business strategy and generate leads by getting into the holiday spirit. People love to see the fun side to any business and its employees. Check out a few options to do just that:

  • Different Halloween incentives: start a loyalty program, offer reward points or gift cards on purchases made in a certain time frame, give away freebies with purchases, seasonal discount;
  • Site facelift: incorporate small but effective web design features like cobwebs, spooky font, a darker colour, spooky illustrations;
  • Host a photo contest. Even if it sounds like a cliché, it never gets tiresome. Everybody can wear silly costumes: employees and customers just the same. Along the way you can opt for food creations, decorated rooms or spookiest things and places.

But, talking here about social media campaigns, you need to encourage followers to submit their Halloween photos for a brand-related prize because every campaign must link back to your brand, mission or product. Use specific hashtags because your goal should be to join them with tweets, posts and updates related to countless conversations. But, the only important difference that you will need is to seek out hashtags and post content that actually make sense for your brand.

In the end, offer fun rewards throughout the competition with the main prize announced on the morning after Halloween.

  • Run a mysterious Countdown. It is a good way to get your social media followers excited about an upcoming event or a product release. During the countdown, in order to keep the audience excited, give continuous clues that encourage guessing. Keep the theme spooky so that, by the time it’s finished, you will have the people’s full attention.
  • Email Campaigns: use spooky gifs, words and fonts to raise users interest by making different promotions or just to wish them a happy Halloween. This reminds them about your company and will help them get into the holiday spirit. 
  • Trick or Treat: Halloween marketing campaigns are a good opportunity to raise awareness about a certain charity or cause that reflects your brands morals and ethics. You could release a Halloween themed product as part of ‘Treating’ others or you can create a campaign around a chosen product, which you could highlight that, for every purchase, your business will donate a percentage to that charity.

Now it is time to start thinking about using the Halloween ideas in your marketing campaign. If you need any advice you can get in touch with us.

Our developers at Phaeria might have awesome ideas that can help your company grow and be creative in attracting new clients! Good luck and ….  Have a Happy Halloween!

happy halloween from Phaeria