Why choosing AWS and Cloud Architecture?


Although the majority of the platforms we build are using .NET Suite, we found AWS is giving consistency and delivering the entire suite of technologies and services that all our clients need. Amazon Web Service is a leader in cloud innovations, with more than 175 products and services. Our expertise provides us the capabilities to use any Cloud infrastructure, although the majority of our clients are choosing to go with AWS.
Phaeria is AWS Partner and able to help any business to redefine its digital strategy in the cloud.

Cloud cost optimisation


One of the main concerns in cloud adoption is the cost implication. Increased scalability and performance comes at a cost. We manage any cloud adoption like our own investment. Therefore we manage and optimise any service/infrastructure required to significantly reduce costs. We are proud of our success stories, where our clients have saved over 50-70% of their monthly billing.


AWS Well-Architected Framework


Any solution that we have built in the past was always focusing on security, reliability, operations, and performance. When we have started the process to become an AWS Partner, it was a pleasant surprise to see that our mind-set and efforts were similar to AWS Well-Architected Framework. We were able to assess existing infrastructures and migrate to AWS in a matter of 2-3 weeks.

Cloud Architecture offers the peace of mind and confidence that the entire environment is secured and performing as expected. We have the experience to manage your cloud infrastructure efficiently, save you money, and prepare it to scale seamlessly with your business. No matter the size of the business or infrastructure, from a single application to complex system infrastructure, we provide a complete migration process including long-term maintenance and cost-optimisation.