2020 Review

December 11, 2020 by Team Phaeria

Looking back at 2020


It’s been a challenging year for everyone. Looking on the positive side, we have helped our clients to transition smoothly over the lockdown period. Focusing on Cloud infrastructure and digital transformation we have automated various processes, optimising costs and performance.

We’ll continue our efforts to exceed expectations. We have ambitious plans for 2021 and we are ready for the new normal. Before all that, we’d like to remember some of the things we accomplished together this year.



increased our


We became AWS Partners


The start of 2020 has changed the entire world. When Covid-19 was a big unknown, we had to enforce our Contingency plan. In a matter of 2 days, before any national lockdown, we had all our developers working remotely. Then all our efforts went to assist our clients preparing for remote work.
It was in our plans to focus on Cloud Computing, but the new economic situation and the AWS focus on Cost Optimisation and Well-Architecture Framework seemed the perfect solution. We have started to migrate clients into AWS, optimising their infrastructure, reducing costs up to 50-70% from previous Service Providers.
We have become AWS Partner and our plan for next year is to have all our developers AWS certified.


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Focused on Digital Transformation


During the Summer period, once WFH/Zoom/pandemic became the new normal we have continued the Digital Transformation for our clients. On our website, we added a special section providing Guides and examples of how any business can benefit from Digital Transformation. We believe that any business can automate processes. Starting with the most boring tasks can increase any team’s performance.
This year had an impact on anyone’s Budget, Resources and future plans. We believe in 2021 the focus on Digital Transformation will continue and we have new ideas for automating our client’s processes, increasing their performance and ROI. Check our guides and hopefully, you’ll find some ideas to inspire from.


Our Digital Transformation guides…

Increased our Tech Stack


Every year we are aiming to learn something new, increase our technical abilities so we can be prepared for everything that our clients may need. This year we have surpassed ourselves. Using AWS cloud we had to improve and use various services within AWS ecosystem to lower the client’s billing costs. We have built projects using new and modern Frameworks, increasing speeds and performance.
Every year we investigate 1-2 new tech stacks, this year we had 6 new tech stacks added to our list.


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Even though 2020 was a particular year for everyone, we continued to strive, offering our services and support. We can’t say it was business as usual, but we focused on the positives and all our clients had an experience close to normal.
We are extremely grateful that all our clients had a smooth sailing through 2020 and ready to thrive in the new year. We were fortunate to keep all our team busy throughout the year and Covid-free.

A massive Thank you for our clients and team support! 

Our 8 year anniversary!


On 10th December it was our 8 year anniversary and we couldn’t be happier. We haven’t had too much time to celebrate, we’ll have plenty of time next year to do so. It will be a year that no one will forget, as usual, we’ll focus on the positives and we have plenty of good things to remember.

Every experience it’s preparing us for the future. We’ll be ready for it, waiting for the next challenges and exceeding our expectations!

Looking forward to 2021


In 2021 we have BIG plans. We are preparing the launch of our Partnership with fingersnap.it. Some of our clients are aware of it, fingersnap.it is a new Platform-as-a-Service, helping to personalise customer’s experience and automate data behaviour.

We are going to continue our focus on AWS Partner, continuing to improve the cost performance and security of our client’s infrastructure.

One of the biggest changes in our tech stack this year is that we have stopped building websites using Wordpress CMS. It is a big decision, we have our valid reasons for it. Therefore, we are preparing to offer a Free Wordpress Migration into a Headless Optimised website, included in our Maintenance Plan. If you are someone that has a Wordpress website and are intrigued by it, please get in touch and we’ll be happy to assist.

Thank You for choosing us and being part of our team. Stay tuned to see what exciting new things are coming next year.