2021 Review

December 19, 2021 by Team Phaeria

Looking back at 2021


Although 2021 started with uncertainty, our team grew by 20%. We also continued to learn new technologies, which helped on reducing clients’ billing costs. This will continue all throughout 2022, providing better solutions and more solutions to our clients.

A massive Thank you for our clients and team’s support! 


Solutions Architect

5 min.

Automate Platform


Carbon-neutral 2022
Climate Positive by 2025

Amazon AWS certified


Our team continues to learn and gain their AWS certifications. This validates the quality of services that we provide and ensures our clients that the services we offer dramatically reduce costs of operation, as well as increase their system responsiveness.


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5 min. deploy


We are not only automating our client’s process, we do it with our internal processes too. Next year we’ll be launching our Clients Dashboard and also plan to automate all client’s deployment. It only takes about 5 minutes for any change to be deployed to live platforms. Most important of all, we can easily revert to a previously stable version, if needed. This helps us focus more on developing the best solutions for you.


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As a business, our Carbon footprint is quite small. The major impact is the energy used by our computers and systems we are using. This is one of the reasons we are dedicated to continuing our AWS Partner journey. Amazon’s company-wide goal is to use 100% renewable energy by 2025 (AWS is already 88% energy-efficient).

Next year will continue to reduce our carbon emissions, but also help our clients to optimise and automate their processes to help become Carbon-Neutral. Platforms we build are cutting down paperwork usage, automating processes, and decreasing material wastage – it helps our clients to become Carbon Neutral, and our aim on become Climate Positive before 2025.


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Looking forward to 2022


In 2022 we plan on becoming an AWS Select Partner which will enable us to offer you even better services and reduced costs of operation proving once again we’re all about exceeding expectations. We also plan on automating the deployment of all our projects which enables a more controlled and less prone to errors deployment of your products to live servers. It will also reduce time delivery in which a change is available on the platform.

Thank You for choosing us and being part of our team. Stay tuned to see what exciting new things are coming next year.