5 Ways to Get Good Customer Testimonials for Your Business

November 2, 2017 by Emma P

Customer testimonials page on your website is one of the most powerful tool for establishing trust and encouraging potential buyers to take action. Also, this type of page can provide an alternative section for using keywords covering product features or services.

Testimonials are evidence that you have customers in Southport or a different area and that they are satisfied ones. When a product is highly recommended, clients confidence increases and so they are a step closer to buying it.

If you are looking for examples of case studies and testimonials as well, look here.

Let’s look at a few ways to get customer testimonials:

  1. Social Media is very important because of the amount of people interacting there. Usually they are written in a ‘natural’ way, without any fancy formatting applied. Photos can increase people’s trust, showing them facts and making their statements more believable.
  2. Important names from local industry can be a way of recommending your work and the good results of a well-done website for example. These are opinions of a respected individual or a leader within a given industry.

  3. ‘Little story’ testimonials explaining the ‘before-after’ situation is very effective in persuading clients because of all the details offered. Stories can be more memorable than facts and statistics. Testimonials can also be short video interviews with the customer, in this way putting a face to the name.
  4. Satisfied customers testimonials are very important and you can make sure they are happy first and then ask them to write a few words. It is always better to ask for feedback than testimonials. Also be careful to ask for those over time, not all at once. If you are going to use this type of testimonial in your marketing materials, it is essential to include an image to the customer being quoted. Also try to highlight your perfect customers, thinking about what type of clients are you aiming at, making it clear that you are familiar with your target market and understand the needs of people just like them.
  5. Testimonials that are focused on different selling things. Because you are good at not only one thing, try to focus on each of these selling points in a different testimonial. This approach avoids repetition and adds dimension to your brand. This is very effective if your product is more complex and has lots of benefits for the clients.

What makes a good testimonial is the feature customers that potential buyers can relate to.

Always approach your website from the perspective of a would-be customer. Phaeria can help you achieve that. Please do contact us. We are happy to help.