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each project is unique, we take a personal approach to fit all the requirements


We believe each project is unique, that’s the reason why we take a personal approach to fit all the requirements based on client specification.

We are very competitive, always giving the best. We solve any challenge using our effective solutions, from simplifying business process, to system integration or entertainment experience.
We rely on the current technologies to determine which one is suitable for your demands. This approach allows us to create customised systems to handle your objectives without compromise.
Software integration becomes a necessity in any business. Based on your requirements, we’ll plan a complete solution, including: a product roadmap, project architecture and a feature list, to determine what we’re going to build together.
We’ve helped businesses in various industries, where a technical team is impossible to maintain, or stimulate their creativity. We are proud with our team, offering cost-effective services at the highest standard.

“I would have no hesitation in recommending Phaeria
to my friends, family and clients”
Enda Rylands
Board Member –


Clifton Lloyd
Director –
“The platform looks fresh and exciting and we are
extremely pleased with the services provided by Phaeria”
A flexible and proactive approach, together with our unique web based claims technology, enables us to provide our clients with a complete range of fast and efficient vehicle incident management and claims handing solutions, resulting in a market-leading customer service
Grant Taylor
Director –
“Phaeria helped us rebranding our existing website. Their expertise and passions
helped our customer to have the best user experience on the new platform.”
a specialist membership program that gives you and your family peace of mind that
should something serious happen, just one phone call and you will be on your way.