5 Marketing Automation Platforms for Your Business

A business that is just starting out has the challenge of attracting clients. However, as time goes on, retaining customers and staying in touch is a greater challenge.  There are different marketing platforms that can automate some tasks allowing you to build a personalised marketing campaign that can attract new customers or keeping the ones that you already have. This … Read More

Why SEO is Important for Businesses

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) consists of multiple strategies, actions and best practices, all of which have the end goal of improving your website’s position in search engines. SEO is Google’s way of determining which sites deserve to rank highly for each query entered into its search engine. SEO is important and it’s something that you can control. You can improve … Read More

Halloween Marketing Campaigns incorporated into your business strategy

Holidays are always excellent opportunities for marketing and Halloween makes no exception. There are lots of ways to incorporate Halloween marketing campaigns into the business strategy and generate leads by getting into the holiday spirit. People love to see the fun side to any business and its employees. Check out a few options to do just that: Different Halloween incentives: start … Read More